Modoc MTE, LLC dba Fantasy Sports Markets (FSM) offers various fantasy sports contests to eligible individuals throughout the United States. In each contest, participants will create a roster from the available athletes, or players, provided by FSM. The FSM Fantasy Sports contests are primarily associated with professional Football, NCAA Football, Basketball, NCAA Basketball, Baseball, Auto Racing, Hockey, Jockey Challenge; other contests are currently in development. There are no salary caps required. Participants use their skill in selecting athletes. Participants can be awarded real money by creating a team of top performing athletes and purchasing that team as and entry into a specific contest. The entered team’s performance is measured against other participant created and entered teams for that contest. The winning team(s) are determined by the FSM Fantasy Points Scoring System, and the winning participant per position will be awarded the offered FSM prize, if any. FSM is legally owned, operated, regulated, and accepts Credit and Debit cards for participation.


Participants must REGISTER with FSM and create an account. Participants will provide the requested information, age, and a valid email address. Participants must be at least 18 years of age and agree to the terms and conditions before an account can be created. Participants may deposit funds into their account by selecting the DOLLAR shown in the account portion of the screen. Here the participant may choose to deposit funds to their account by selecting the PLAYER WALLET, selecting a dollar amount, and selecting MAKE A DEPOSIT. A secure payment screen will be provided for the participant to verify their information and enter their card number. Should the participant need to make multiple deposits, it is recommended that they contact their credit or debit card provider to ensure the operation of their card or account. Participants may withdrawal funds using the same site location.

The participant may choose from any of the available contests offered, categorized by sport, by selecting "Enter Now" and then enter an offered contest format. The participant will be able to select an entry amount for each contest offered. Each contest entry amount will have a correlating guaranteed prize or set of prizes based upon position, and a possible bonus prize if offered, listed on The Draft Lobby. Bonus prizes are not guaranteed to every winning participant; they are only available when that winning participant has met the criteria required to qualify for those offered bonus prizes. The Tie-Breaker system implemented to determine Bonus Prize winners in the event that two, or more, contestants select the same team. The Modoc Sports Commissioner will issue a ruling for any unforeseen events to make a proper determination.

When the participant has decided to enter a contest, and a contest format, for a specified amount and a guaranteed prize with possible bonus prizes, the participant will then be able to create their roster of available athletes. This is accomplished by adding players per position using the or symbols. Bonus prizes require an exact order of player alignment to be eligible for the maximum bonus prize offered, therefore it is important for the participant to use their skill in selecting the order in which their roster is created. After a roster has been created, the participant will need to calculate a "Tie Breaker" score and submit that score, and their created team, to enter into the contest for the guaranteed and possible bonus prizes.

"It is important for participants to understand that editing a purchased team is available until a selected player's associated posted time for a game, contest, or event has occurred. All purchases are final."


Guaranteed Prizes are determined and awarded to the participant who creates, enters, and has acquired the best statistically scored roster against all other entered rosters for that particular contest. These offered contests and prizes are not dependent on a certain number of entries, however FSM retains the discretion to close a contest or limit available contests at any time before contest entries close. Participants in the circumstance of a closed contest will receive a refund for their purchase.

Bonus prizes may be available, if offered by FSM, to the winning participant if they have met the required roster criteria. The Bonus may be available if the participant has created a roster of the top performing athletes in the exact order required. The exact order of athletes is determined by the final statistical accumulation of points earned at the end of the given contest, per position or category.

FSM may, at its discretion, offer all available contests and prizes, or limit them. FSM may also from time to time host certain large prize events and select contests for large amounts.

CONTEST Formats Offered


"Pick Three" OR "Pick Five" mode is a contest that allows the participant to select a position within a specific sport, and the participant selects three or five position athletes. The participant ranks the selected position athletes in order of 1, 2, and 3 or 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. This created roster is entered with a tie breaker number (the participant's expected total sum of the selected athletes fantasy points) to compete against other participants who enter for a known prize.

For example, in Football there are six (6) separate positions: QB, WR, RB, TE, K, DEF. The participant selects a position, i.e. QB, and then selects three (3) or five (5) of the available QB athletes to create their roster. The participant who creates a team of QB athletes that produces the highest total score for that offered contest will win the offered prize award. It is important to remember that the “tie breaker” number is the total fantasy point value for those players and is of importance if more than one participant selects and enters those same QB athletes. For example, if player one enters the same exact team as player two, the player who has the closest tie breaker number to the actual score will receive the prize.


"Best Team" mode is a contest that allows the participant to create the best team in a particular sport. The participant selects one athlete per offered position to create an entire team. Here the participant enters their created team with a tie breaker number (the participant's expected total sum of all the selected athletes fantasy points) to compete against other participants who enter for a known prize.

For example, in Baseball there are nine (9) separate positions: 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, C, P, LF, CF, and RF. The participant would select an athlete for each position available to create their team. The created participant team with the highest total fantasy point score for that offered contest will win the offered prize award.


"H2H" mode is a contest for two (2) participants. Each participant enters in one (1) roster for the specified entry fee, and the winner between the two entered rosters will be paid the specified prize, or possible bonus prize if any. In the event that both participants enter in the same roster lineup, the tie breaker rule will be in effect to determine the winner. If a contest does not achieve the two participant requirement, that contest will be closed, no prizes will be awarded, and a refund shall be issued to the single participant entered.


FSM provides scoring information throughout the website under the tab titled SCORING. Participants are encouraged to review the scoring format for each offered fantasy sports contest.


Statistics are provided for generally by, or other available providers, and final scores are calculated by the FSM Scoring system and are verified by the Modoc Sports Commission before payouts will be made. Live scoring is currently not available; this is done to ensure the accuracy of each contest winner. Payout awards shall be made after the Modoc Sports Commission has verified the final results of the contest offered. There are no salary caps required, participants may create a team from the available athletes provided. Participants use their skill in selecting these athletes to create their team. FSM does not presently provide projections or statistical expectations of an athlete’s performance; statistical information is limited to past performance and scheduled competition. Contests may be specified to certain events, such as playoffs, all-star games, or other major sporting events. It is the discretion of the Modoc Sports Commission as to whether or not a contest will require an entry. All prizes are made known to participants before they are permitted to create a team, and while they are creating their team. Bonus prizes are generally available unless determined otherwise by the Modoc Sports Commission.


The participant must select a number, a tie breaker, which is the participant's expected total point value earned for their team prior to making a roster purchase. Participants are encouraged to review the scoring format to assist them in calculating their expected total point value earned for their team. In the event of a statistical tie, or two participants selecting the same exact players, the participant with the closest tie breaker number, or the number closest under (for example the total score is 43 and Player 1 selected 42 and Player 2 selected 44, Player 1 would win) that they calculated to the actual fantasy score shall be deemed the winner. If two or more participants select the same athletes on their respective rosters, receive the same statistical scores, and select the same tie breaker numbers, then the offered winnings shall be split evenly between the winning parties.